Alina did a great job guiding me through the birth process! It was my fifth delivery, but it had been a few years since my last one and I appreciated all of her information and ideas in helping me get through the birth. She was very organized and always supportive of whatever I wanted to do. I recommend her to anyone looking for a caring doula!

Meghan Frato

I had a sweet girl recently (my 4th baby) and my doula was attending a new mother so she sent Alina as back up. Alina was wonderful! Kind and attentive and she got there quickly which is good because this baby came fast and furious. Alina stayed by my side throughout the insanely quick labor and birth encouraging and comforting me. And my original doula who is a highly sought, great doula trusted her and that's saying something. She was lovely! A real natural at tending to the needs of a vulnerable mama in labor. Hire her!

Rebecca Katie Kofman


Having a doula truly makes a difference when it comes to childbirth. Although I am a first time mom, I can say that my experience wouldn’t have been the same without Alina. She was my number 1 support person especially when my fiancé had to get some rest during the 26 hours of labor I had to endure. Alina made sure I stayed hydrated, had snacks to keep up my energy, helped us do everything possible to get the baby out and even asked the doctors questions I couldn’t ask for myself. She went out of her way to do whatever I needed her to do to make sure I was happy. I know who to recommend if someone asks me how did I get through a natural birth and I know who to call upon when it’s time for another bundle. Can’t thank you enough for all of your help and dedication. You were genuinely my strength!

LaTridia Byrd

After making the decision of having a doula guide me through the birthing process for my first child, the next big question was who will be the right person for us? However, upon our first meeting Alina was such a fresh of breath air. She was knowledgeable, confident, and listened to my husband’s and my concerns/wishes and offered advice. We knew right away we needed her at our side. Alina is very organized as she does a pre meeting were she discusses important information about the birthing process and post partum. She also offers support for the dad’s which for me was so important to include my husband during this process and to not let him feel left out. During the following weeks, she provided with tons of information about birthing plans and birthing options (which I personally loved all those articles!). She also checked on us on a weekly basis. However were she shined the most was during my labor, especially the part where I had complications and she jumped in with her doula instincts and made me feel comfortable and supported me throughout the process, allowing me to remain calm but also updating me about my baby’s health. During my long labor, Alina was there by my side offering support, suggestions about positions, acupressure, and just being a super star! I don’t think I would have enjoyed the process as much if I wouldn’t have had her by my side. My husband and I are and will be forever thankful for what you did for us!