Photo Courtesy of Birth Boot Camp

Photo Courtesy of Birth Boot Camp

Why hire a doula?

The birth of a child is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. It is a sacred time when a mom will finally meet her little miracle after many months of preparation and anticipation.

Labor and birth can be very unpredictable and the whole process can have a significant impact on a mother’s wellness, postpartum period and beyond.

A birth doula is trained to support the mother throughout pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. She can provide evidence-based information on childbirth, labor positions and birth options. The birth doula can also serve as a communications bridge between a mom, her partner and a healthcare provider.

The doula’s goal is to help a woman have a safe, memorable and empowering birth experience. Whether you choose home or hospital birth, medicated or non-medicated birth, the birth doula will be by your side.